South German artist JAKOB delivers sultry single, "Carlee," exploring teenage love

South German musician JAKOB weaves a tale of teenage romance on sweet indie pop track, “Carlee,” a sultry guitar-piano combo underpinned by his hazy vocals. With an ethereal quality that takes us into his rose-tinged daydreams, the groovy track encapsulates the singer’s feelings for a girl he met on holiday.

Honing in on his ability to connect with listeners with relatable experiences woven into emotive lyrical narratives, JAKOB infuses summery warmth and grounding spoken word vocal delivery into his melodic, experimental brand of pop. The kind of track that feels just as comforting on late-night drive as it does on a sunny day out, “Carlee,” captures romance in its earworm musicality, instantly taking us in with a wave of nostalgia that comes with experiencing your first love.

From a career that began with busking at age 13 to several releases that take us along the journey of this music-lover growing up, beginning with singer-songwriter sensibilities before naturally evolving into a mature sound spurred by his love for experimentation.

Refining the artistry he showcased in previous singles, with the sugary slick coating of “Carlee,” this rising star who has shaped his own genre-defying niche in pop, framed by swirling synths, sonorous vocals and deeply affecting song writing, will have you reaching for the replay button more than once.

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