SPELA have an appreciation of little moments in life on “You Got Me”

We can all take a moment to appreciate the smaller moments in life, especially when everything can feel so large and uncertain to comprehend and a little bit of hope can go a long way.  Enter South London-based duo PELA who join the streaming sphere today with their new single “You Got Me” which has been crafted as a mood enhancer and morale booster.

“You Got Me” is an easy on the ears, electro-pop bop complete with polished lo-fi productions and honey-soaked vocals. Over email, the pair shared with us “You Got Me is about accepting how you can never truly understand those rare senses of euphoria. It’s about finding peace, even pleasure, from just going with that. It represents that spring into summer feeling – of newness, of blooming and of freedom. Overall the song is about getting lost in a good time with people, a person, or just yourself.” 


As seasons change and we take it day by day across the world, we could all use a little more love and light in our world. The single’s melodious piano sequences with tender electronic additions are matched with sleek guitar lines and met by lead singers Hannah Coombes’ soft to the soul vocals. “You Got Me” is simple at its core but so are the underlying notions to cherish the smaller moments in life that create a sense of overwhelming bliss, which the single speaks to. On the collaborative front the pair have performed with the likes of M.I.A, Young Fathers, Basement Jaxx, and more across London, and are gearing up for a larger project to bring into this world over the next couple of months. Their vibe is refreshing and we hope you choose to spend a moment with them today here on EARMILK. 

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