Spencer Elmer and JAY1 join forces in an explosive new music video “Far From Rude”

Riding the wave of success, Spencer Elmer is back with his latest drill track, “Far From Rude,” featuring UK rap heavyweight JAY1. The new music video is set to become a fan favorite, showcasing the unique talents of both artists under the umbrella of 10K Projects, a Los Angeles-based record label.

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“Far From Rude” exemplifies Spencer Elmer’s growth and development as an artist, drawing inspiration from a range of genres and sounds. His distinctive style is heavily influenced by the likes of Rejjie Snow, Skrapz and Nines, Logic, and Phora, which can be heard throughout his impressive catalog.

This collaboration with JAY1 marks a significant milestone in Spencer’s career, as he states, “Linking up with JAY1 is a full circle moment in my career since I’ve been such a big fan. The track is about thinking ahead and moving forward with elegance. The song symbolizes a step in the right direction, stepping to a new level in life.”

Spencer Elmer has gained a reputation for his introspective, honest approach to music, exploring themes of personal relationships and the impact of social media on one’s life. With millions of streams to his name, Spencer’s undeniable talent is evident in tracks like “Audacity” and “24 Hours” as well as his collaboration with ARTAN, “She’s a 10 But…,” which boasts 25M streams.

With successful collaborations featuring artists such as Aaron Unknown and Isaiah Dreads, Spencer Elmer has carved out a niche for himself in the UK rap scene. His music takes listeners on a deeply personal journey, transcending the limits of social media and connecting with fans on a profound level. As 2023 unfolds, Spencer Elmer’s creative genius and passion for his craft continue to propel him towards even greater success.

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