StaJe and Tailor collaborate on flirtatious "What You Like" [Video]

StaJe and Tailor team up to release the infectious dance pop single “What You Like,” the newest number to be released off of their upcoming album Call Me At Midnight, marking the first collaboration between the two prolific artists.

In “What You Like”, StaJe and Tailor delve deep into the art of seduction. The duo are excited to please their lover and find pleasure, satisfaction and happiness in giving that special person the ecstasy they deserve. Sonically, the single is equally enticing with vibrant keys, smooth R&B-drenched vocals and snappy beats. “What You Like” evokes an upbeat charismatic pop energy that would make even the most stubborn hit the dance floor. The accompanying visuals are an equally light hearted affair. A nervous Tailor backstage is being calmed down by StaJe prior to show time while a silly comedian bombs on stage. The two then perform and blow away the audience who seems to be having the best time.

StaJe is a Billboard charting artist who has beat the odds of poverty and isolation. At his most difficult time, he was living in Skid Row, a notorious neighborhood in Los Angeles riddled with drug abuse, prostitution, and homelessness. Through his deep dedication to music and hard work, StaJe ultimately found success opening up his own recording studio and record label. He met and connected deeply with Tailor, a well known engineer and artist who further escaped the perils of homelessness. Together the duo have succeeded in crafting a delicious concoction of dance worthy pop oozing with swagger and confidence.

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