Star2 and $tupid Young Ignite a fire on “The Blocc Is Hot”

Star2 is a refugee from Thailand who has endured an early life of struggle and violence. From his new EP Different Breed, Star2’s electrifying new single “The Blocc Is Hot” recalls those early experiences growing up amidst chaos. Star2 and $tupid Young join forces on this track for a dangerously decadent rap anthem.

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“The Blocc Is Hot” blends a bouncy layer of percussion with subtle siren sonics and a grimacing set of vocals on the surface. Star2 and $tupid Young bring a hellish magnetism to the track as the two rappers stand their ground. The music video captures vignettes of South Central LA including a liquor store robbery, a high speed chase, and hideouts in alleyways. Star2 raps, “I’m outside with them Asian Boys / don’t play with us, you’ll get paranoid.” This single is a huge step forward for Star2 and $tupid Young as the two rappers come together to share the lessons they’ve learned from growing up in the streets.

San Diego based Star2 is a pivotal figure in the Asian-American rap game. He’s worked with an unrivaled array of artists including Soulja Boy, Mozzy, Luh Kel, HoodTrophy Bino, YSN Flow, and MarMar Oso. His new EP Different Breed is Star2’s next step toward transforming his hip hop career. Watch “The Blocc Is Hot” here from his new EP Different Breed.

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