Star2's "December" brings winter romance [Video]

Rising melodic hip hop artist Star2 just unveiled his new single and video for "December." After releasing recent popular songs with Luh Kel and Lil Poppa, the songwriter has turned up the holiday romance with a heartfelt love letter describing the narrative of meeting and falling for someone new.

Entitled "December", the song illustrates the internal tug-o-war and lovesickness associated with new love. The single is a relatable anthem, and brings a sense of normality to the longing feelings felt over the holiday season. Through mellow, stripped-down vocals which ride effortlessly atop harmonious production, the song starts off slow and intimate with lyrics such as, "I need you in my arms, week after week I’m still waiting for you. I know you’re somewhere out there, somewhere far away. I want to be the one who cares for you…" Straightforward, honest, and with his heart on his sleeve, Star2 knows that time is slipping away, and he has to make a move or risk losing the girl forever. Just when you think Star2 has set the stage for a romantic winter slow jam, the chorus erupts with passion and he sings powerfully over reggae-inspired soundscapes complete with drums, synths, piano, and strings for a dramatic heart-tugging effect. He openly admits that he longs for his love, and pines for the time when they can be reunited again. In the accompanying video for "December" Star2 is seen on a holiday vacation in the mountains. The viewer gets the sense that he might be fantasizing of a perfect union with his lover, creating special scenarios in his head to fill up the passing time.

Star2 is an artist out of San Diego who creates a clever mix of hip hop, R&B, and pop that resonates with his generation. Born into a refugee camp in Thailand, Star2 has overcome many challenges and his inner strength is heard and felt in through his earnest songwriting. With much more music on the way, we can't wait to hear what's next for this rising star.

Check out Star2's new single and visuals for "December" as Star2 says, "Never give up on the person you love – true love has a happy ending."

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