Stats return with the kaleidoscopic new single “Naturalise Me” [Video]

London-based band Stats—one of the coolest bands in the capital (fact)—share their new sparkling single “Naturalise Me”. Taken from their forthcoming album Powys 1999, the single questions our sense of belonging in a world that continuously wants us to determine who we are.

Amalgamating an array of kaleidoscopic sounds, Stats are never a disappointment. Dotted with revved electronics and funk-littered bass patterns, “Naturalise Me” sits somewhere between electronic funk and shiny pop goodness. Layered with Ed Seed’s vocals, the track oscillates its melodies, spinning and moulding them into a whirlwind of perfected sound. 

“Growing up I felt like I didn’t fit in or belong where I was born and raised. I’m sure a lot of people feel this way” explains Seed. “When it comes to the countryside we often talk about the natural – and by implication the unnatural – as if we are talking about the real, and by implication the fake. I felt somehow fake in Powys as a born incomer, un-local, neither Welsh nor English. But by looking at the landscape I started to realise the construction and extraction behind it, and the myth of its naturalness.”

Expansive as always, Stats truly emit a hybridity of sounds that capture their prismatic aura. If you’re still yet to be all consumed with Stats then, now is the time to develop an obsession. For their upcoming album is set to be a collection of solid tunes.

Stats’ new album Powys 1999 is out November 13th via Memphis Industries.

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