Stellar is waking up from a “Bad Dream”

Indie-pop talent Stellar releases his gripping new visuals for “Bad Dream.” Featuring bouncy beats and smooth pop vocals á la Maroon 5, it is easy to get sucked into this infectious single.

The visuals are just as compelling, starting with him lying on the floor totally unaware of the previous night’s events. He goes on his balcony only to find the cops investigating a crime scene, concluding with a car crash before he is back on the floor, begging the question— was it all just a bad dream? When relationships end badly, sometimes you wish it was all just a nightmare you're are going to wake up from. This video seamlessly conveys that idea of praying an awful situation you are in is just a bad dream.

The Massachusetts native first made his mark on the scene in 2019 with his debut mixtape, Bipolar. Always experimenting sonically, his ever-evolving sound is what makes him so memorable. His pop punk-inspired record Mistake is a prime example of that. The song is off his upcoming album also titled Bad Dream, which skillfully blends rock and pop music. Take a look at the enticing visuals now.

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