Stephn is a bonafide neo-soul superstar on "Ultraviolet"

Born in Nigeria, then migrating to the DC-Maryland-Virginia area, and finally relocating to Brooklyn, New York, multi-disciplinary artist Stephn's music has been formed through his unique experiences, both as an immigrant and a member of the LGBTQ+ community.  Creating twisting neo-soul masterpieces that don't shy away from the realities of love and loss, as well as struggles with self-esteem and mental health, there aren't many artists capable of what he is delivering before our eyes at this very moment.  "Ultraviolet" is his first release in over a year and signals a new dawn in the direction of the soon-to-be neo-soul star.  

Stephn possesses the ultra-rare gifts of limitless vocal range, effortless vibrato, and the nearly inimitable baritone of Giveon.  The result of this unique skillset is an artist who is truly destined to reach the heights of his genre.  "Ultraviolet" is a good sampler of what Stephn is capable of, but by no means all of what he can do.  The multifaceted and multi-talented artist and designer has an eye for visual appeal like few artists out, as can be seen in his Youssef Hussein-directed visual.  Gorgeous cinematography paired with striking contrasts tell a story of a man torn between two worlds and at war with inhibitions and fears, both relatable and unthinkable.  It does what so feel videos are able to deliver these days; stir emotions and cultivate feelings deep below the surface level.  

Stephn had to say of the track, “Ultraviolet light is a form of radiation that is not visible to the human eye but is very present.  I believe this Ultraviolet light has been guiding me since I was 9 years old, helping me grow and deal with the pressures of anxiety, depression, and even physical abuse.  The way it shined on me each time let me know that I couldn’t fight healing and I can move on to be a better version of myself.  ‘Ultraviolet’ serves as a reminder of healing for me.”

Exuding a sort of elegance and grace that radiates from his music, Stephn is one of the best hidden gems in the entire landscape of neo-soul right now.  With his best still yet to come in the form of an exciting and thought-provoking visual album in 2022, now is the perfect time to get in on the 'ground floor' of an artist who hasn't even yet started to blossom.  

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