STEVAN THEV keeps us on our toes with alt-pop single "voodoo queen"

STEVAN THEV comes back to us with another hard-hitting, genre-defying single "voodoo queen". The eclectic indie artist has been turning heads for his innovative fusion of pop and rock swagger for some time. Now, his newest single is oozing with raw emotion, charm, and serves as the perfect introduction to the artist we know as STEVAN THEV.

Grounded in classic indie rock elements such as smooth distortion and punchy drums, STEVAN shows all of his talents on "voodoo queen". STEVAN seems to play with the production on this single alternating between infectious vocals and guitar rifts that have the listener questioning what will come next. He keeps listeners reeled in by layering the production with heart-wrenching lyrics about questioning "what it means to be alive" and the relationships one finds themselves in. STEVAN fills "voodoo queen" with these powerful lyrics, unexpected hooks, and alluring grooves all helping to form the style that fans have all come to love from STEVAN THEV.

STEVAN is the type of artist whose music doesn't fit into any one genre. His music is filled with elements of progressive rock, bedroom pop, indie rock, DIY punk, and R&B. This versatility and willingness to share his personal struggles helps to establish him as an artist to watch in the Alternative Rock scene as more of his genre-defying music releases.

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