Steve Aoki’s project Ninja Attack shows off a grittier side on "Aurora"

Two-time Grammy-nominated musician Steve Aoki’s project Ninja Attack swerves away from his usual dance music style on single “Aurora,” showcasing a grittier musicality. With deep, pulsing basslines layered over a minimalistic melody, the instrumental track embeds itself into the underground house genre, getting us grooving along from beginning to end.

Brimming with an earworm quality that serves as a reminder of Aoki’s versatility as a producer,”Aurora” toes the lie between being adventurously raw while simultaneously driving forward with an easy sleekness. Crafted as a glimpse of Middle Eastern brand MDLBEAST’s forthcoming SOUNDSTORM Vol. 1 album, the intricate offering infuses cultural nuances into its anthemic beats.

Steve Aoki’s latest foray as Ninja Attack is one among endless, constantly evolving endeavours from the fashion designer, author, and entrepreneur as he continues to break down the barriers of dance music without losing the depth and essence of the genre.

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