Steve Itari exudes a magical “Aura” in new single

The Irish based singer, rapper, and producer Steve Itari has seen success but only this year has ventured into his solo career. Continuing the momentum of his new solo work, the singer-songwriter releases new single “Aura.”

“Aura” comes off the heels of the previous single titled “TOO LATE”. He is becoming known in the Irish scene for his auto-tune assisted melodies over his own brand of modern production stemming from influences such as Kanye West and The Neptunes

This track is even more experimental than the last with a very impressive soundscape created by Itari. The watery synth lead paired with an extremely percussive drum line allows him to sit beautifully on top of this production and when the very audacious piano-based bridge comes in he cuts through like a knife. His songwriting is simple but effective on this one. You can hear influence from people like Young Thug and Playboi Carti in the vocal delivery and it all works in harmony on “Aura.”. The multi-layered lyrics cover a lot of ground however, touching on topics such as getting this music thing right and figuring his life out. 

For Steve Itari, 2020 is going to be a year of experimentation and learning but you can hear the potential of one hip-hops next revolutionaries shine through on this release. He has the potential to become the next cult hero for a generation of kids coming up. He has tapped into his inspirations in a way that they are never lost but remain unique. This is how Itari will build a fanbase and sooner rather than later, I fully believe his name will be on the lips of most people in Ireland. 

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