Stevie Bill’s not-so “Messy” new EP for your emotional support

Messy in theory, but polished and glittery in quality, the debut EP of 22 year old Stevie Bill is the alt-pop excellence you need in your music library.

The 5-track project Messy capsulates the complexity of being a young artist living in the glamorous Big Apple. From breakup shades to self deprecating regrets, the songs on Messy sooth growing pain with relatable lyrics and upbeat pop jams. “Good luck to your new girlfriend” serves sass with a disco-inspired melody, while “Excuse” uses a lo-fi backing track instead to capture similar feelings towards a failed relationship.

The title track, “Messy,” certainly brings the most style and personality from Stevie Bill’s debut. A faux falsetto vocal and bubblegum-like beats leads up to a pretty and carefree chorus, as well as a fun and cheeky second verse. The EP also goes out on a strong, punchy number that is “Poison,” where the young artist’s 2000s pop influence fully kicks in with the right touch of rage and attitude.

Despite the subject matter of growing pain and melodrama from young adulthood, Messy as a project is a fine specimen proving Stevie Bill as a promising rising star in the alt-pop space.

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