stillyoung comes from the shadows with infectious debut single “Freak Like Me”

stillyoung‘s debut single, “Freak Like Me,” combines the pulsating grooves of Foals, the dreamy atmospheres of Day Wave and Diiv, and the raw emotion of Jimmy Eat World to carve out a unique niche in the indie music landscape.

The theme of “Freak Like Me” revolves around self-acceptance and vulnerability, drawing from the artist’s personal experiences. The track opens with infectious guitar riffs followed by contemplative yet catchy melodies. The production by Scott Goodrich is crisp and evocative, perfectly capturing the song’s essence. Cole Hanks’ dynamic drumming adds an energetic backbone, while a heartfelt voicemail from Mike B. of Spiritual Cramp lends a raw, personal touch.

Lyrically, “Freak Like Me” reflects the artist’s gratitude for those who have chosen to be open and vulnerable. The song celebrates the imperfect, the outcast, and the emotionally brave, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and love in a world that often values conformity.

As a project born from years of songwriting and collaboration, stillyoung’s debut is just the beginning. While he may be the sole official member, stillyoung’s music is a testament to the power of creative community and friendship. With more music on the horizon, stillyoung is poised to make a lasting impact, and “Freak Like Me” stands as an anthem for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider.

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