Stone Fruit share the swirling "Hold Me Close"

An insight into the workings of a pairing influenced by organic matter and exploration, London-based duo Stone Fruit share their mellifluous new single "Hold Me Close". Taken from their third EP of the same name, the single fuses an array of musical expertise to perfect a track with creativity running through its veins.

Featuring a lush Latin-infused guitar melody, "Hold Me Close" transforms into a soothing antidote to all of the day's stresses. With its incredibly smooth and calming tones, the instrumentation offers a glimpse of peace in comparison to the rushes of every day life. Swirling rhythmic drum beats with piano keys and rising melodies deliver a daydream-like tune that sweeps you off your feet with the promise of everything is going to be just fine.

"When we write songs, we are allowing outselves to be guided by our current state of mind and the way that we are experiencing music," explains the duo. "Instead of worrying about the final result or sticking to a specific genre. There is bottomless discovery, storytelling and enjoyment to be found in exploring and combining new sounds and styles. This has become our mantra over the past releases and this EP is no different."

Refusing to confine their sound to one categorical genre, the pair draw upon soul, pop, R&B and electronic to bring their vibrancy to life. With vocal harmonies provided by Valentini Pavlidou and ethereal production from Lef Germenlis, Stone Fruit's EP dazzles with atmospheric pulses and emotive mystique.

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