STORRY carries listeners away with the sultry and soulful “For No One”

Earlier this year, singer/songwriter STORRY gave music fans a soaring thrill ride of an album with her CH III: The Come Up LP. The set teems with impassioned performances that run the gamut from distinctive, indie rock-informed R&B numbers to tender ballads that uncover the singer’s wants and insecurities in some of the most poignant musical moments that I’ve taken in this year.

Since that time, the Toronto-based artist has remained busy – creating memorable works of audio and visual art in spite of the post-pandemic constraints we now find ourselves living under. In fact, to help cap off a momentous “Pride Month 2020” (which included a landmark ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court and growing solidarity between black activists and the LGBTQ community) the powerhouse performer enamors us all with a sultry slow-burner that’s somewhat surprisingly called “For No One”.

Opening with the tone-setting warmth of a lightly touched Fender Rhodes, some soft drumming, and her blissfully breathy voice singing “Baby you got me/ I’m full of pride but/ Baby you gon’ see/ You’re just what I like…”, it easy to imagine our leading lady all boo’d up with her special girl in a swanky club while jealous guys and gals look on. This tune is sleek and slinking brilliance, boiling over with adoring passion, thin streams of smoke, and STORRY’s deeply felt charm. And at its foundation, “For No One” underscores the power of classic songwriting – where the magic lies in making music that is deceptively easy to absorb yet reveals new depths with repeated listening sessions.

The soulful beauty of this song is made all the more impactful when you consider the fact that this is, according to the singer, her “first actual love song”. Well, dear reader, I’d say that that’s… (puts on sunglasses) … a likely STORRY.

You can listen to “For No One” now on most streaming services.

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