Strath shares stunning electronica EP “I Can’t Do This Without You”

Strath’s EP, I Can’t Do This Without You, is an impressive debut project that showcases the Australian artist’s talent in blending hip hop and electronic music to create a euphoric and story-driven dance experience. The EP includes a diverse range of musical styles, from hip hop tracks like “100 (Everything To Me)” and “Can You Keep Being Around” to electronic tracks like “Running Out Of Time” and “So Long.” – It’s a project that expertly blends through the full spectrum of electronica, with moments that are reminiscent of Fred Again, Floating Points and even trip hop legends such as DJ Shadow

What makes this EP stand out is Strath’s ability to take listeners on a journey through his own personal experiences. He describes the creative process of the EP as a time of self-discovery, where he was “swimming in the deep ocean with no fucking clue which way was the land,” and it’s evident in the lyrics and overall vibe of the project.

Released on Godmode, the LA based music company behind other notable artists such as Channel Tres, SG Lewis, and Yaeji, Strath’s I Can’t Do This Without You is a promising start to what is sure to be a successful career for the talented artist, producer, and DJ.

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