Stretched hits all the right alt-rock emo chords in new release “Idea of You” [Video]

Stretched is a post-hardcore, alternative, emo-punk band from Los Angeles hitting all the right nostalgic chords with an invigorating new rock sound. Their latest single “Idea of You” is a treasure trove of unapologetic guitar riffs and vindictive vocal bursts that has us quickly hitting replay. 

The steadfast drum kick keeps an anchor on the moody undertones of “Idea of You” and allows room for the vocalist to take listeners through a rollercoaster of emotion. Even during the track’s most aggressive moments, the vocals maintain a clear and refined sound. The heavy-hitting distorted guitar riffs rip through the eruptive chorus. Raw and unvarnished, the impassioned vocal delivery leaves the singer’s emotions selflessly exposed for all to see. Painful confessions like “the idea of you was more than I could bite off and chew, this wasn’t meant to be and honestly, I wish that I knew” are just as relatable to any broken-hearted listener as they are enticing pleas to sing along to. In an email exchange with EARMILK, the band shared, “We wanted the forthcoming EP to overall feel raw & straightforward – from the lyrics to the sound. The song, “Idea of You”, is about being vulnerable in a past relationship that didn’t work out, and it wasn’t exactly the other person’s fault. “It’s not you, it’s me” seems to be a common theme.”

The official video for “Idea of You” was filmed in one day/late night around East LA before lockdown orders and directed in collaboration between the band’s vocalist Brent Campanelli (film director) and Hunter Lyon (director/cinematographer). The original version of “Idea of You” was written and released as the band’s debut demo in 2019. Since then, the track has been re-recorded w/ Jon Yeston (Producer/Mixing Engineer) in part of a six-song EP set to release Summer 2020.

Stretched are easily the new age emo/alt-rock group we’ve all been waiting for. We’re excited to see what’s to come with the rest of the upcoming EP release later this year, so stay connected with the links provided below.

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