Sugarcane share the silky smooth "Cat's Eyes"

British supergroup Sugarcane share their new single "Cat's Eyes". Taken from their debut album of the same name, the single provides the comfort needed as we're heading into the autumnal months of the year. Written about the true story of an almost fatal car crash, "Cat's Eyes" silky guitar tones almost disguise the track's true nature. 

An effortlessly breezy telling of a horrific story, the track's harmonies and guitar plucks carry the weighted narrative with ease. "Cat's Eyes had to be the title of the album," explains Robin French. "Because that was the first Sugarcane song I ever wrote – in shock, just an hour after the crash." Yet, despite the track's shocking nature, it's magic lies within the hushed textures and  laidback vocals, a concoction of sounds that prove that Sugarcane are an amalgamation of everything wholesome and comforting. 

The album itself also reveals an abundance of joyous moments. "Forevermore" is a Brazillian inspired tune that weaves featherweight vocals upon the exotic melodies, whilst the mellifluous single "Midland Girls" offers a moment of catharsis, before "Wide Sargasso Sea" sweeps you off your feet with its jazz-pop goodness. 

It's clear that Cat's Eyes is an album that you can lose yourself within; it's the perfect remedy for a much needed pick-me-up and a glorious fusion of sultry jazz sensibilities and easy listening melodies work wonders to calm a hectic headspace. Sugarcane's debut is an eclectic collection of songs that all explrore the group's mighty influences.

Cat's Eyes is out via Frizz Records now.

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