Summer Salt take us to “Avenue G” in playful new EP

An ode to their favorite place in the world, Austin indie-pop band Summer Salt drop their new EP, honoring the birthplace of their music. The four-track release Avenue G sees the duo returning to some of their oldest songs, bringing new life to them and reminiscing about the early days of their musical career. The EP sees Summer Salt dancing delicately between vibrant 60’s pop, energetic rock and sultry Jazz, creating a unique concoction that will satisfy all your aural needs.

The duo speak further about the making of the EP sharing, “I think it’s a nice way of revisiting the past and displaying our history musically through lyrics and the songs. It’s interesting in writing a lot of time you find yourself outgrowing something whether that be the musicality of the song or the message of the song itself, but those moments lived in our history and there will always be others who can connect, relate, and find inspiration for the message even if that’s not where we are today.”

“Get on Back to You” delivers an easy-going start to the EP. With floaty melodies, sincere lyrics and silky vocals, Summer Salt have crafted an honest track to melt even the coldest of hearts. “Little Legs” features jangly guitars and Jazz-infused melodies, oozing with sincerity. A standout on the EP is “Palm Tree on Avenue G.” Through sugary, feel-good soundscapes and quirky, storytelling lyrics, the song shimmers with innocence and positivity. The entirety of the EP is a listening experience that soothes the soul and puts a smile on your face.

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