Superweapon drops dynamite rock anthem, "Battle Cry"

San Diego based Superweapon is a new band, formed during the pandemic by seasoned guitarist Severiano "Seve" Wada, singer/bassist “Merciless,” who is the alter-ego of #1 New York Times bestselling horror author Scott Sigler, and Austin Farmer who dominates keys and adds his vocal prowess.

After releasing their debut EP, Demo of Doom, the adrenaline-fused band is back with an all new single entitled “Battle Cry.” Blending elements of cinematic storytelling, explosive rock melodies, and larger than life soundtrack-style soundscapes, Superweapon takes listeners on a captivating and immersive journey from start to finish, providing the ultimate rock experience that fans want and adore. 

The song itself was conceived as an ode to the movie 300, as Merciless confides,“The song started out as a guitar riff from Seve, which he named 'Battle Cry' on a whim. When Merciless heard the riff, he was in the middle of the novel Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield. The crunching rhythm spoke to Merciless, eliciting imagery of the Battle of Thermopylae and of Zack Snyder’s 300, a movie that showcased the battle in blood and bravery. Merciless penned the melody, but when he and Seve turned it over to keyboardist Austin Farmer with the marching orders 'Make this bridge feel like an epic movie soundtrack,' the song truly came together in brutal, crushing glory." Featuring passionate vocals atop thrashing guitar riffs and a driving beat reminiscent of early Queen, the song is an absolute ripper built on nostalgic big arena rock and served up with fresh, modern vitality that is as delightful as it is menacing.

Superweapon is stepping out on the rock scene with gripping energy, well-played theatrics, and a glorified sound to match. With new music on the way, we can't wait to hear what's next in store for this the band. Check out the all new single for "Battle Cry" here for an absolute head twisting banger.

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