Surf Rock is Dead share “Immaculate” new dreamscape

Hazy indie rock outfit Surf Rock is Dead have just shared an immersive single “Immaculate” ahead of their forthcoming debut LP Existential Playboy slated for release on May first. The new track comes after the cerebral jam “Diabolik” that came out earlier this year. This latest effort from Surf Rock is Dead is meditative and atmospheric, a truly thoughtful musical journey that invokes the aesthetics of 80’s indie greats such as The Cure and Sonic Youth.

“Immaculate” paints a beautifully terrifying image of two lovers reflecting on their past time together while looking ahead to a future of uncertainty. As the reverberating instrumentals and touching narrative develop, the importance of being present and perceptive quickly takes center stage. In a contemplative fashion, Surf Rock is Dead ask damning questions over their lucid sonic layers, “Do you feel the same? Who is there to blame?” Despite demanding answers that are nearly impossible, the band presents chilling moments of reflection that shine bright regardless.

“Immaculate” is an entirely fitting title for this new work from Surf Rock is Dead. It features glistening guitar work, staggering drum beats, and softly echoing vocals. When fully absorbing the careful attention to detail in the aesthetics of narrative, ethos, and sonic elements, the end result is a deeply moving work. In certain fleeting moments of the track, there exists a sense of something more divine at play, as the title might suggest. There’s a special oneness and feeling of connection that is rare and comforting. It’s truly immaculate.

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