Surya Sen shines on debut single “C U Later”

Surya Sen is poised to make a big splash on the UK scene with his debut track “C U Later”. 

Surya Sen is a British-Bengali rapper/producer. His musical influence is as diverse as his background. The North London based artists has taken elements from Chicago house music, New York boom bap, jazz, soul and Brazilian records. A confessed crate digger and sample heavy influence is heard in his sound. 

His debut single “C U Later” incorporates all parts of this melting pot of influence. The Chicago house feel comes through on the four-on-the-floor pattern but the use of hip-hop sampled drums are an interesting blend. The dance feel is then juxtaposed by woozy flows and interesting delivery across the record. His ability to know that he has to present himself in a strongly identifiable manner on this record and he executes this idea flawlessly. The catchy hook mirrored with the extremely dance beat is a match made in heaven.

The themes of distractions bleeds through on this record. It’s impressive how Surya has found to be transparent on the record and not distract while talking candidly about distractions. That is the sign of a true songwriter and the penmanship on offer here is impressive. With this strong of a debut, it’s going to be interesting to see how far someone as diverse as Surya Sen can go on his upcoming releases. The sky is truly the limit for someone with this amount of talent. 

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