Sweaty Lamarr delivers feminist anthem “Abbey, I’m Sorry I Stole Your Man”

US singer-songwriter Sweaty Lamarr rebukes internalized misogyny that pits women against each other on infectious and empowering production “Abbey, I’m Sorry I Stole Your Man,” with Americana-infused instrumentals led by her enchanting, warm vocals.

With introspective songwriting that forces us to think about the toxicity embedded in the portrayal of women and gender narratives in media, flipping the tale of Dolly Partonclassic “Jolene,” as she brings life to a new version of Jolene, who understands where her desire to another’s man comes from.

An upbeat soundscape hides away intellectual messages, as the song unfolds as a powerful lesson to women everywhere, not just to rebuke the affections of a man if it comes at the cost of another’s woman’s happiness but also take accountability for their skewed perception of a rival in love.

Rooted simply yet strongly in themes of self-love and true happiness found the right way, the track is also a showcase of Lamarr’s expansive sonic style. The brainchild of singer-songwriterTara Giancaspro, Sweaty Lamarr bloomed with single “I Have Always Been in Love With You,” in October 2021 and has since pulled people in with versatility of sound and thoughtful lyricism.

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