Swedish multi-instrumentalist Peter Sandberg offers uplifting, meditative album 'Midnattssol'

Swedish multi-instrumentalist and composer, Peter Sandberg delivers a collection of ten uplifting songs on conceptual record Midnattssol—a tribute to the land and folklore of the Swedish midnight sun through the power of transportive soundscapes. With a soft blend of piano and intricate vocals, the record which features appearances from the likes of Aquilo, Jake Isaac, Tom Ashbook and Siv Jakobsen is a vivid offering of Sandberg’s signature mix of ambient electronic and elegant neo-classical.

Opening with the buoyant layers of lilting piano on “Sol,” to the anthemic build of “Frihet,” the album immediately sets standards high with its sonic versatility and the gentle optimism it weaves into every note. Sandwiched between the atmospheric style of “Frihet” and a minimalistic class of piano-led offering “Shimmering” is the weighty vocals Siv Jakobsenon soaring track “Wait.”

With vocal features sprinkled in between lush soundscapes, Midnattssol is arranged to perfection as it leads through into a vibrant world in the far north of Sweden, where the sun never sets. From Jakobsen’s emotive vocals to British singer-songwriter Jake Isaac’s deep voice lulling us on “Warm Cold Hands,”, the production is stocked full of rich, feel-good melodies that put you in a good mood within an instant.

As the tail end of the album approaches, Sandberg offers a brief interlude with delicately layered “Confluence” with Tom Ashbrook before moving into a celebration of his culture with the energetic “Dive,” and the soft, grounding interpretation of traditional Swedish folk piece “Polska efter Byss-Kalle.” The hypnotic sensibilities of “The Space Inbetween,” lay a strong foundation for closing track “Wasted On You,” a meditative offering featuring indie duo Aquilo.

Accompanied by immersive visuals from Swedish visual artist and director Simeon Frohm, Midnattssoldevelops as a radiant audio-visual journey brimming with escapism, celebration and peace as Peter Sandberg continues the upward trajectory of his career marked not just by acclaim but by his ability to connect with people.

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