Swedish pop singer Sinnah explores relationship woes on “Good Night”

Emerging Swedish singer/songwriter Sinnah delves into relatable relationship woes on pop single “Good Night,” which brings bold yet gentle vocal lines and luscious melodies together over steady but slow-burn beats.

Taken from her EP Exist Loud and exploring the feeling of not wanting to come across needy or clingy in relationships, yet craving some validation and attention from your lover, “Good Night,” captures that stage in your relationship when you’re wondering where it’s going.

With a playful and confident vibe balanced against a genuine, heartfelt message, “Good Night,” oozes feel-good vibes founded on honest, simplistic song writing. Having established a mature, no-fuss attitude to her pop soundscapes, while still encapsulating the romanticism of pop dives like Taylor Swift, Sinnah continues to perfect her ability to build upon complex emotions within vibrant instrumentation.

Growing and evolving in leaps and bounds since her debut in 2018, Sinnah has made a space for herself in pop music with her colorful personality and delicate but anthemic productions. “Good Night,” is yet another example of the artist’s optimism and talent in sonic form.

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