Sweets shares new single "Yellow"

We got something new from Manchester-based rapper Sweets in the form of this single titled "Yellow." The track is a blend of ambient electronic, and dance-pop elements with an off-beat sound design courtesy of producer Julien Flew who really raised the ante on the record. Sweets is more than comfortable and seamlessly glides on the dynamic production with his carefree flow coupled with reflective lyrics that run through the rapper's several life struggles and more. Sweets approach is quite engaging too and in each section of the song, he brings something new to the forefront. He keeps the verses mellow, employs a soft melodic hook for the chorus, and switches his flow on the last part over an ominous beat change.

"Yellow" is Sweets' fifth release since he dropped "I'm Not Coming Home" and a couple of other singles. It is also his first time collaborating with producer Julien Flew and from the look of things, we would be hearing more from the duo in the nearest future.

Sweets, originally from Newcastle is based in Manchester. He will be performing at Liverpool sound City, Live at Leeds and Hit The North in the coming months.

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