Swimming Paul shares an irrepressible and emotive house anthem “Fading”

London-based electronic producer Swimming Paul has released his second single, Fading“. The track features pulsing synths reminiscent of BICEP‘s track “Glue” and showcases Swimming Paul’s celebration of the power of kindness and compassion through its lyrics. The strong hook of “my soul is fading” is perfectly complemented by the carefully crafted composition. “Fading” is a powerful reminder that even small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

Throughout the track, we are immersed in soaring and pulsing synths that gradually build up and culminate in multiple drops, supported by a rhythmic tech-house drum pattern. The skilled producer expertly crafts the dynamics of the track, transporting us straight to the heart of the rave-scene. Lock into this one for all fans of Fred Again

Swimming Paul comments on his track, “I wrote those lyrics a couple nights ago, I kinda feel without being too melodramatic that the world could be a better place for everyone. There’s so much potential in us. I wanted to express this in a song + a footage mix I made to express the better I could all my feelings about this. When I think about it, I feel we’re on a roller coaster where everything needs to be fast and immediate without thinking about the consequences with the Earth, animals, our mental health etc. I think the real game changer could be the kindness between each other.”

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