Syd Silvair’s “Heroine” is an irresistible cautionary tale

If all cautionary tales sounded like NYC-based singer and tarot reader Syd Silvair‘s new song “Heroine,” perhaps we would be more inclined to listen, you know, like for our own good. The dreamy pop track is super-charged with the type of racing synth swells and funky guitar riffs that span decades of influences: somewhere between disco’s chic dying breath and the unplanned birth of new wave exists Silvair’s aesthetic of modern pop. In “Heroine,” Syd Silvair stretches that fabric of time, soaks it in such sweet spirituality, and allows for it to naturally produce the fragrances it will.

Ever the spiritual guide, Syd Silvair describes vividly in “Heroine” the perils of infatuation, of blinding adoration at the expense of one’s sanity. The danceable song has all the allure to match its intriguing subject too: with a rich atmosphere and sexy-slithering bassline, it is hard not to be consumed into its world, suggesting self-restraint and wild liberation all at once.

The fourteenth card in most contemporary tarot decks is the card of Temperance, which depicts an angelic figure pouring water from one cup to another in a balancing act representing moderation. It is with this in mind that Syd Silvair presents us with “Heroine,” which culminates, and coincides with the release of her debut EP Reverie. This final track in the new record is a perfect close to story crafting of daring proportions, the summoning of fantastic spirits, and their sonic prophecy of more good things to come.

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