Syo uses food as a metaphor for life on nine-track EP ‘Table Manners’

R&B newcomer Syo delivers imaginative nine-track EP Table Manners, which sees him use food as a metaphor for different struggles in life.  Led by an expressive and emotive style, the EP is stocked full of lush harmonies and poetic lyricism.

With each track diving into the ideas of perception and comparison, Syo reminds us to reflect upon and appreciate whatever we have in our lives. Rooted in the philosophical narrative of looking someone else’s plate and comparing who has what, the EP evokes a sense of gratitude within us.

From the intimate tale of wanting more from someone you love on “snack,” to exploring sacrifice on “get you some,” the crooning collection takes us through various emotions and experiences through a personable but engaging sonic lens.

Having nurtured a passion for music from his childhood, music is how Syo has learned to express himself as he simultaneously crafts a world of comfort and contemplation for anyone tuning into his thoughtful artistry.

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