T.R.3 is whipping “Donuts & Derbies” for the consumers

Atlanta rapper T.R.3 is making the best out of the current situation as he churns out a loose track titled “Donuts & Derbies” for his fans to vibe to. The track sees him working with his frequent collaborator Ariano who crafts a moody, eerie beat for the emcee. T.R.3 hops onto the track with an unrelenting fervor with seamless and steady rhymes. It’s basically one quotable after the next for the young lyricist, who spits bars like: “I’m sick and tired of wastin’ time/ So I sped up and changed the climate/ No more rainin’ from my eyelids/ In a blink we could be flyin’/ Yet you live afraid of dyin’.”

The visual’s straightforward cinematography fits the vibe of the track like a glove. Just as “Donuts & Derbies” shy away from the flash and flare, the video follows suit and follows T.R.3 as he makes a quick pit stop in a sleek black muscle car. There are hints at something deeper in the opening scenes, but the rapper and his co-director, BenjiDidIt, leave that up to the viewer to figure out.

 Get the audio on all platforms here.

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