T.R.3 shares cinematic visuals for his new record “Hypocrites”

T.R.3 is relentless with his art as he returns with a new set of visuals after dropping his video for “Donuts & Derbies” a few days ago. The new release titled “Hypocrites” is the sequel to his video for “Audio Dope” which was released in May of last year. 

The track finds the gifted emcee teaming with frequent and long time collaborator Ariano, who provides the perfectly grimy production. Whereas the preceding single felt a bit more meditative in its tone, “Hypocrites” is pure and unfiltered frustration from the ATLien. He hits the instrumental as hard as he possibly can with nuanced, thoughtful rhymes that once again showcase just how talented he is with his pen.

The self-directed visual taps directly into the energy of the track and go for fast-paced shots that exude urgency and paranoia. The visual is filled with images of firearms and violence, and there’s a bit of mania running through it as well. That’s perhaps most evident in how you may think the story within the video will conclude because it ends up going a completely different way while still satisfyingly complementing the song’s message.

Get the single on all streaming platforms here.

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