Taite delivers gritty yet vibrant number “Here We Go”

Up and coming hip-hop act Taite delivers gritty number “Here We Go,” featuring atmospheric pianos and booming drums led by layers of his passionate delivery and ethereal backing vocals.

A celebration of Detroit and everything the city instilled in the rising talent, the heartfelt yet swag-laden production is a perfect mix of thoughtful lyricism and vibrant musicality both of which form the fulcrum of Taite’s evolving artistry.

Carl Lamar David Taite Jr.under the moniker of Taite made his debut in 2013 with mixtape My Story, which unveiled the full breadth of his talent before he honed it further with each new release. From blowing up with his Spotify debut in 2021 to now, Taite has continue to grow with each new release as his subtle but alluring sound pulls a global audience.

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