Take a listen to morgen’s confessional kaleidoscope, “BRAVADO”

morgen‘s newest EP would make you question why bedroom pop releases don’t feature more guitar and grooves.

In a few short words, BRAVADO feels like cotton candy that has a bit of edge to it, sightseeing rollercoasters made for you to enjoy the view and take it all in- or a confessional mirror that will shower you with honest praises and fair but encouraging criticisms. Alongside the rhythmic guitar that drives the bright tempo and infectious feels of the EP, morgen’s vocals get to shine through the bright and anthemic synth, a kind of plasticky and lively electronic production and a fine course of the most catchy melodies.

Most of the songs on BRAVADO are short and sweet, with the longest track being the opening number, “Lilee,” where morgen dives beyond her affection and turns to self reflection. “Second,” namely the second song on the project and a catchy collab with merci, mercy, has a momentous chorus that would undeniably attract virality. It’s clear that the young songwriter tries to capture the frenzy and chaos of the “quarter-life catastrophe” she mentions in “Sick of Me,” and every element of the EP presents just that.

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