Tale of Us release 31-track ‘Unity’ anthology in action against COVID-19 in Italy

Revered melodic techno pioneers Tale of Us have jumped into the ring in the fight against COVID-19.  The Italian duo has released a 31-track opus titled Unity with an extensive assortment of material from themselves and the coven of producers who comprise their esteemed label, Afterlife.  All proceeds garnered from the fittingly titled compilations’ release is set to be donated to relief efforts against COVID-19 in Tale of Us’ home country, Italy.

Unity is comprised of productions spanning the full spectrum of Afterlife’s signature sounds. In the 31-track opus we see tracks from Ae:ther, Colyn, Anii, Hunter/Game, Avidus, Ceous, Denis Horvat, Fideles, Stephan Bodzin, KAS:ST, Agents of Time, Mind Against, Methane, Innellea, Kevin De Vries, Recondite and more – alongside two new works from Tale of Us themselves.

Populated by stirring, sunrise epics, eyes-down techno and more introspective arrangements, the compilation encompasses all elements new and familiar that characterize the label.  Crystalline melodies and emotive oscillations connect each work and form the strands which Tale Of Us weave into the fabric of the compilation. From the outset of the label founders’ own track “Alone” to Mind Against seeing the voyage through to culmination in “Above It All” we see the philanthropic anthology progress across its’ 31 tracks with cohesion and integrity. 

Coronavirus disease has taken the lives of 14,681 Italians at time of writing with confirmed cases soaring past 119,827, making the country the second most impacted nation behind the United States and the most impacted per capita in the world. In this unprecedented time in history music has been a source of solace for many.  

Born in the spirit of unification and togetherness, Unity can be streamed on all major platforms and purchased today. Proceeds generated by the compilation’s release will be donated to the Coronavirus relief fund serving the heavily-impacted region of Lombardy through local Italian agency Regione Lombardia. 

In these trying times, help others, stay healthy and let music keep us connected.  

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