Talia Jackson shines a light on mental health issues in “Hidden”

Talia Jackson is using her music and platform to comfort others who are suffering with mental health issues. Her latest single “Hidden” is an uplifting electro pop anthem, which is sure to wash away any worries and allow you to lose yourself, even if it is just for three minutes and 16 seconds. Offering a place of escapism, this mental health advocate opens up about her own experiences as a biracial woman and fighting her mental health battles, bringing a sense of normality to the everyday struggles that people face – especially during the pandemic.

Reminiscent of SZA and Lana Del Ray, “Hidden” shimmers with a kaleidoscope of electronic soundscapes and an upbeat, dance-worthy rhythm section. The deep, throbbing bassline is a juxtaposition to the delicate water drop synths, both of which add to the layers of cascading sounds that drive the tune along. The powerful song is Jackson’s way of ridding any pent up emotions and healing from the inside out.

The 19-year-old singer is also known for her role on the Netflix hit show, Family Reunion. This triple threat is coming at us fast and furious and we can’t get enough.

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