TALIA sings about feeling “colder” in loneliness

TALIA grew up listening to reggae and calypso. As a Carribean-American artist, she has blended these genres with her love of R&B all to create her own flare in the bedroom pop world. Last year, she released her debut track “Shiver.” Now, she’s releasing her second single, “colder.”

Taking from her background in classical music, “Shiver” had a collection of classical strings and acoustic guitar plucks, showcasing TALIA’s unique talent. “colder”, however, displays more of her atmospheric sound. A rich and resonant piano lures listeners in until the reverb conquers the production. She sings about being alone, and the droning synth and echoed vocals sound like they’re bouncing off cave walls. Effortlessly blending the orchestral and the contemporary, the past and present, pop and R&B, she makes it hard to tie her to one style, only making her an even more intriguing artist to keep our eye on.

A jack of all trades, TALIA is an actor, film director, photographer, and musician. It’s obvious that her talents have shaped her musical sound. Her background in film and photography help her create multi-dimensional worlds within her production. Her work as an actor shows in her writing as she connects deeply with her own and other’s emotions. She says of  herself, “I am a storyteller, everything I create is made with a focus on black, brown, and queer lives.” 

Right now, the artist is working on her debut EP, headrush, at the moment. She already writes with such fervor and imagination. So, one can only imagine what universes she’ll create in her future work.

“colder” is out now via Quadio Records.

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