Talk Show unveil their glistening debut EP “These People”

For raucous Londoners Talk Show, 2020 has already been a rollercoaster of a ride. Since releasing their debut single in January, the band have catapulted their angst-riddent agenda to the forefront of the UK music scene and in return have gained fans among us all. Already opening for the likes of Squid, The Murder Capital and Fat White Family, Talk Show are a band that you need to take notice of asap. (And if you haven’t already what the hell have you been doing?) 

Opening the EP with second single “Stress”, the band introduce the listener to a glossy, bass-heavy track that captures the heart of the band’s raw trajectory. Littered with catchy guitar motifs, the single is an insight into the explorations of modern love. Whilst the tension-building, almost anxiety-inducing, track “Atomica” mixes fast-paced indie licks with incredibly jagged riffs. It’s a pulse raising number that stirs up anticipation like no other. Get ready to let loose and stomp around the kitchen like you’re half drunk and emblazoned in glorious sunshine at a festival. Truly glorious.

The EARMILK-approved debut single “Banshee” continues to be a winner with its projection of their post-punk-come-new-wave infused sound. Drawing on 80s darkwave, the track effuses gothic intimacies and sleek melodies. It was quite clearly the introduction to Talk Show that we all needed to be hooked from the start. Yet, EP closer “Petrolhead” is the excessively loud and immensely proud track that spits its lyrics with an intimidating ferocity, inhabiting a rage that abrasively grazes your eardrums. It’s a delight, however, and possibly the most exciting track of the four. 

For an EP that was “mostly written whilst on public transport” according to lead singer and guitarist Harrison Swann, it cleverly interprets a world of throwaway culture. Yet, despite it’s inspiration, this is an EP with longstanding meaning. These People is an snarly debut that ticks all the post-punk boxes. It’s a sublime EP ready for all to hear.

These People is out now via Council Records. Talk Show are Harrison Swann, Tom Holmes, Chloe MacGregor and George Sullivan.

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