Tangina Stone isn’t afraid to ask for “More”

It’s one thing to go against the grain, but another thing to be confident in rooms that don’t want you to be there. On “More”, Tangina Stone urges us to take up space, even in the face of opposition.

As a queer Black artist, Stone is wholly familiar with being the anomaly, and on “More”, she proposes a bold counter-societal message to those afraid to offend the majority: don’t downgrade who you are to match others’ expectations. Instead, demand the respect you deserve, even if it means asking for more. It’s tough being the odd one out, especially when you’re living in a society that adopts the implicit and explicit erasure of marginalized people. But instead of conforming, Stone is calling on us to stand up and stand out.

The anthemic message on “More” is complemented aptly by eccentric production from Denitia Odigie. Distorted electronica, trippy synths and fragmented vocals create a magical aura for Stone’s empowering lyrics to hit home. There is no room for limits in the otherworldly atmosphere Stone and Odigie have created, but there is plenty of space for nonconformists. In the same breath, Tangina is, at once, silencing those pushing the idea of normalcy, and emboldening the marginalized to be all they are without apology.

Check out “More” above.

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