Tarune perfectly captures the wonder of “Nirvana”

Calling all fans of Frank Ocean and James Blake: if you like music on the nostalgic, softer side with still potent and poetic lyrics, then you should take a listen to bedroom soul artist Tarune. The solo project of NYC-based songwriter and producer, Giullian Yao Gioiello, Tarune grew up within his Italian-Taiwanese family and studied guitar and church meditations. All of these factors have allowed him to grow into the talented and sensitive artist he is today. Now, he shines with the release of his new single, “Nirvana”.

It’s practically impossible not to fall for Tarune’s breathy, fuzzy voice. It will have you swooning into a heap of clouds. The whole song, in general, has an ghostly and intoxicating vibe with the finger plucks of the acoustic guitar and distant and deep synths. It’s a surprising;ly crazy mix of folk, jazz, and R&B.

Tarune gives his even more poetic thoughts about the song, saying, "the song is about yearning, searching for paradise in love, wanting to feel bliss… in a larger way, accepting the beautiful, cathartic end for its place existentially in love, and in a smaller way, being ok with finding heaven in a person who is simply just human."

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