Taska Black celebrates the world's better halves on "Too Small For The World"

Belgian musician Taska Black pens a heartfelt thank you note to the better halves of the world on uplifting dance pop offering, “Too Small For The World,” combining soft percussion and melodic vocals from singer Lizzy Land for a soundscape that cheers you up in an instant.

With emotive verses embedded in a lush production, the catchy track is an ode to the people who pull you through everything, showing you the brighter side of life simply by existing beside you, drawing from the comfort that Black himself feels with his girlfriend.

Land's honeyed vocals lead us through lyrics detailing moments of anxiety, as Black's sleek sonics weave hope into his final message of realizing and appreciating the person who sticks with you through thick and thin. 

The songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who has gained a reputation for his ability to explore relatable, important themes like mental health within the warmth of his feel-good musicality, continues his streak on “Too Small For The World,” his hazy pop sensibilities cushioned by cathartic song writing which keeps us coming back.

From a child prodigy who picked up the guitar at age four, Black has developed as a versatile act with an ability to comfort and connect to listeners as his genre-defying signature sound continues to usher him along his journey with a smooth blend of cinematic sensibilities, poignant lyrics and anthemic vocals.

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