Tay Toe explores addiction on sensitive and passionate “Life of Blues”

Los Angeles-born, Salt Lake City-based rapper Tay Toe gives us an introduction to his upcoming album Habits and Setbacks, with uplifting production “Life of Blues,” crafted to be the safe space that people turn to when they feel they have nothing left.

Carried on a haunting piano melody which gives way rhythmic electronics and precise yet soulful delivery, the track highlights Toe’s poetic lyrical abilities, letting us into his own struggles with addiction and offering us comfort from our pain as well.

Speaking of the track, he says, “This song is for anyone going through a hard time, but mostly it’s for the families and individuals struggling with addiction. It’s also for the people who have lost loved ones because of addiction. I have a brother who is going through turbulence because of addiction, and I wrote this song for him.”

Handling the serious topic with sensitivity and positivity, this passionate hip-hop talent urges us to find a way to carry on and not give up. Finding a place for himself in contemporary hip-hop with his delicate balance of melodic, lyrical and instrumental skill, Tay Toe hasn’t looked back since breaking onto the scene in 2019, and he’s not likely to slow down in building a sonic world  brimming with heart and honesty.

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