Taylor Castro shares her profound album “Girl, Afraid”

Life isn’t always wrapped in a perfect bow. Sometimes it can be chaotic and messy, but there is something so beautiful about that dysfunction. Taylor Castro’s “Girl, Afraid” is a vulnerable 15-track album about embracing all sides of yourself. At times she feels like a shy girl masquerading as self-assured. Castro expresses the parts of her that she has previously kept hidden in such a poignant and gripping nature. 

The title track “Girl, Afraid” is so intimate and raw it is as if we are reading a page from a diary. Detailing her mental health hardships, her hope is through this track she can be a support for those who go through similar struggles. With stunning vocals soaring over soft guitars and strings, listeners cannot help but be drawn to this powerful release.

“Ophelia’s Flowers” is a seductive song all about taking your feelings of misery and drowning those out. Many of us are familiar with Ophelia from the William Shakespeare drama Hamlet. She is known for going into a state of pure madness causing her to ultimately drown. Using this character to narrate all the emotions you want to disappear is the perfect depiction.

Then there’s the energizing “Coffee Eyes”. Showcasing an infectious melody and fierce vocals, Castro sings of being addicted to someone like a person gets hooked on caffeine. The offering is so upbeat and punchy, kicking things up a notch. With lines like “I’ve been awake too long” and “give me some sugar babe” those fun coffee references make this tune a real treat.  

Wrapping things up with the delicate “Judgment Day”. In this stirring ballad she questions her actions within a relationship. In this haunting piece she states, “Why do I do/the mean things I do/even though I love you.” Sometimes the ones we hurt the most are the ones we so deeply love and she conveys that idea with so much elegance.

The Florida native takes inspiration from talents like The Frey and Taylor Swift. Known for her masterful storytelling and passionate tone, Castro’s songs entrance us with their theatrical twists and turns. Each of her releases resonates so strongly with fans as she describes her personal trials, reminding others that they are less alone.

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