Taylor DeBlock stuns with sensual EP MANQUE

Connecticut-born pop/R&B talent Taylor DeBlock is known for his magnetic, soulful sound. Now he has unleashed his latest EP MANQUE, which focuses on themes of heartbreak, love and lust. Taken from the French ‘tu me manque,’ meaning ‘I miss you,’ the title has a few different meanings. DeBlock explains in a statement, “a ‘manqué’ is also someone who has failed to live up to an expectation – accepting what has become, the manqué eventually sees where they fell short and must carry on.”

Kicking things off with “Necesitas” this flirtatious offering wraps you up in its seductive warmth. Detailing the excitement of newfound love, the tender track reminds you of the butterflies bursting inside, as you get drunk off this intoxicating feeling. His sultry Spanglish wordplay lures us to discover what it is we really want, but also what we need.

“Slow” dazzles us with classic sounding arrangements and rich smoky vocals. The fiery release narrates a feeling of being drawn to someone instantly and everything slows down. Driven by a fierce passion, listeners feel his deep desire coating this intense track. 

Concluding the EP with the vibrancy of “Quicksand”, the track is about feeling as if you are losing someone as the relationship is slowly sinking. With colorful clicking soundscapes and blistering vocals, there is so much raw emotion in his voice as he pleads for another chance.

The now Los Angeles-based singer is also a songwriter and producer as well.  After studying under a jazz and Broadway vocal coach his interests branched out into the world of recording and producing. DeBlock’s stirs up all kinds of powerful feelings through his riveting music fusing narcotic slow jams with innovative pop.

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