Tedy unveil’s debut EP “Boys Don’t Cry”

Staggering vocal prodigy Tedy has just delivered his debut EP entitled Boys Don’t Cry. This premiere effort follows a brief collection of singles in 2018 and multiple promotional songs from this year leading up to the project, including the title track and the blistering “Twisted (I Hate Myself).” The full EP only delivers two new tracks to date, but nevertheless completes a cohesive and poignant work from Tedy that instantly establishes himself as an experimental pop heavyweight. Throughout the six track journey, we see the young vocalist perform in multiple emotional and sonic contexts, as Tedy’s striking croons are shown to be versatile and potent. The end result is emotionally taxing, but well worth it, as Boys Don’t Cry provides some of the most captivating ballads of 2020.

Boys Don’t Cry opens ominously with the title track, which features a steadily ticking glitchy beat and some smooth vocals from Tedy about the cultural stigma regarding male vulnerability. The tune carries both a resentment towards toxic masculinity as well as a confidence in the ability to transcend it. Another highlight is “Stuck,” a vibrant banger that juxtaposes sunny guitar chords with apocalyptic synths. Later in the tracklist, “Fireworks” is especially enamoring, as the lush beat and dancy rhythms create a rich dreamscape. It shows Tedy at his most comfortable and euphoric, a refreshing take following some of the darker lyrics on the EP.

This brief yet dynamic collection of songs is extremely promising for Tedy, whose vocal maturity far outreaches his time in the industry spotlight. The Montreal vocalist wears many hats, and does so with passion and grace. His is a voice that demands attention and invokes strong resonance.

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