Teedra Moses keeps would-be baes on their toes with “Cashmere Compliments” [Video]

Even though there are more than a few moments in Teedra Moses‘ new single “Cashmere Compliments” that suggest she’s in need of opulent praise, there’s little doubt that the honey-voiced bombshell believes in herself without reservation. And honestly, why shouldn’t she? She’s an amazing singer and performer, an accomplished songwriter, and (judging from her Instagram account and interviews) a take-charge badass that’s living her life on her own terms.

Teedra Moses · Cashmere Compliments (feat. Lucky Ry & Trackademicks)

So it’s not surprising that this new single brings a healthy dose of sexy, soulful and self-assured fun to the gang of fourth-quarter R&B releases closing out 2020. The track, which boasts production from Trackademicks and Lucky Ry, revels in an airy groove punctuated by triumphant horns, boxy drum-machine rhythms, and brilliant synthesizer work. It builds up a glitzy atmosphere early, owing much of its nostalgic sound to peak-era disco and flashy electro-pop. Early on in this catchy dancefloor exercise, we hear a soundbyte of Moses coolly making a case for why she clearly deserves the luxe compliments mentioned in the tune’s title: “…it’s not that I’m trying to be bougie or nothing. It’s just…I’m a grown ass woman and I know what I want”. Period. Full stop. It gets no plainer than that people.

Thankfully, “Cashmere Compliments” is just a savory taste of a bigger dish that Madame Moses has been cooking up for her fans. She plans to release a new album, bluntly titled The Bullshit, in the spring of next year.

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