TENNIN is ready for the "Set Up"

French experimental rap/pop artist TENNIN is currently on tour but that is not stopping her from dropping new music. Her latest release "Set Up" showcases a renewed energy and a love for eclectic music fusions. From the thick trap drums, dark punk sound designs, and subtle R&B elements, TENNIN brings it all home. Each lyrics employs an emotionally pained vocal inflection and a choppy flow as undertakes this highly personal journey.

TENNIN is currently on tour as the backing vocalist for South African artist DOPE SAINT JUDE while also working on a forthcoming EP.

TShe has been doing her thing independently but her third single "Heal You" got her working with trip-hop pioneer TRICKY's label False Idols and her music was featured on the label's compilation in 2019. She also released another single "Guys In Tears" via renowned Parisian label KITSUNE MUSIC. 

Get "Set Up" on SoundCloud, and Spotify.

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