TENNIN , Justo The MC and maticulous team up for “TRAPPED AGAIN”

“TRAPPED AGAIN,” is the latest collaboration between French singer/rapper TENNIN, NY producer maticulous, and emcee Justo The MC. The record harks back to the 90s with a seamless blend of r&b and hip-hop with its soulful textures and laid-back boom-bap grooves.

TENNIN leads the charge with her commanding melodic runs and relatable songwriting which dwells on being head over heels with the wrong lover and the resulting emotional back and forth that ensues.

Justo The MC joins the fray with a laid-back performance and a detailed lyrical breakdown of the situationship. Also joining them on the track is DJ Jon Doe who provides an excellent scratch solo on the track.”TRAPPED AGAIN” seems to be a one-off single and it’s not linked to any project.

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