Tentendo & Annalisa Fernandez explore funk & organic groove on “Morning Light”

Hailing from Melbourne, Tentendo returns with an EP that radiates summer vibes – Morning Light. Collaborating with the soulful vocalist Annalisa Fernandez, the EP’s four tracks seamlessly fuse disco, dreamy R&B, and garage influences. In the EP’s final track, “Give It Up”, even with minimal production, the irresistible rhythm ensures a moving experience.

The journey begins with “Find My Way”, a captivating blend of soul and dreaminess, driven by rhythmic drums and harmonious basslines. “Morning Light” then embraces disco elements while preserving its soulful core. Both tracks pay homage to disco and Motown, showcasing live instrumentation and reflecting Tentendo’s shift from his electronic roots. Themes of change, growth, empowerment, and connectivity emerge, conceived organically at home, lending the tracks a cozy warmth.

“Shining” stands out with its epic strings, flute, and lush vocal harmonies, enveloping listeners in a summer glow. Throughout, the tracks groove to funky basslines, exuding warmth and sun-drenched sensations.

Tentendo’s affinity for dance and soul shines through, his signature hybrid blend of live and programmed elements anchoring the sound. Morning Light is a testament to his growth, offering uplifting, dance-inducing tunes with a universal connective power. In Tentendo’s own words, the EP resonates “like a sunset orange, aiming to uplift, inspire dance, and foster personal connections through its infectious melodies.”

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