Teon Gibbs’ provides “replay” value with his new single

Teon Gibbs has shared a bouncy new single called “replay”.

Gibbs is a rapper from Vancouver, who is quickly becoming a recognizable voice in Western Canadian hip-hop. He is stylistically diverse, crafting tracks that range from conscious social critiques to bouncy, danceable bangers. He broke onto the scene with a series of well-crafted tracks including 2021’s “Boxes” with R&B singer IAMTHELIVING, a groovy, soulful cut that gained him wider recognition.

Now, Gibbs has returned with a triumphant banger in “replay”. The instrumental to “replay” features watery guitars and rich bass, as crisp drums lock in the rhythm. Over top of the glorious instrumental, Gibbs provides confident, energetic verses and a catchy, bouncy hook. His melodies are slick and smooth, and his vocal delivery is self-assured, making for an engaging listen.

Overall, “replay” lives up to its namesake, providing much replay value. The song is playful and fun-loving, while still providing swagger and style. 

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